LUX Diagnostics

LUX Diagnostics is a state of the art medical laboratory located in Atlanta, GA serving the United States. We specialize in processing a variety of lab results including COVID-19 Testing, STD Screening, UTI Screening, and PGX Testing.

Innovation & Capacity

Testing Capacity

LUX Diagnostics maintains one of the largest regional labs in the Southeast with an upward capacity of 10,000 tests per day for COVID-19, STD, UTI, and PGX

New Equipment

All testing machines are state of the art and brand new. Rest easy knowing your samples are being tested on the best.

Software Integrations

We make delivering results easy with software integrations into leading EMRs and LIMS systems.


We have the capacity & innovation to move quickly on results, integrations, and more.

Lab Services

Learn more about the core lab services offered by LUX Diagnostics including our focus on COVID-19, Toxicology, and PGX.

COVID-19 Testing

LUX Diagnostics is one of the leading COVID-19 testing labs in the Southeast. We support a variety of customers including testing centers, nursing homes, arenas, hospitals, pharmacies and more.

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Toxicology Screening

LUX Diagnostics is offering advanced toxicology screening services to the U.S. market including STD Screening and UTI Screening. LUX sets itself apart from other toxicology labs by delivering results in 48 hours or less.

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PGX Testing

LUX Diagnostics is offering state-of-the-art Pharmacogenomics (PGX) Testing to the U.S. market. LUX is a leading PGX lab for doctors around the country that needs these important results fast and secure.

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