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LUX Diagnostics

LUX Diagnostics is a state of the art medical laboratory located in Atlanta, GA serving the United States. We specialize in processing a variety of lab results including COVID-19 Testing, STI Screening, UTI Screening, and PGX Testing.
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Why Lux Dx

Speed & Innovation

LUX Diagnostics was born in 2020 after the abundant need for COVID-19 testing labs around the United States. LUX DX quickly became one of the fastest-growing PCR testing labs serving customers in New York, Georgia, Texas, and California. Our customers choose LUX Diagnostics because of our commitment to innovation and speed of service.

In the next chapter of LUX Diagnostics, we are bringing that same emphasis on innovation and speed to the traditional laboratory testing market. Learn more about our culture and the leadership at LUX DX.

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LUX Diagnostics Atlanta Georgia

Testing Services

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Nail Fungal Panel

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PGx Panel

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Respiratory Panel

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STI Panel

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Toxicology Panel

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UTI Panel

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Wound Panel

Wound Panel

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Lux Diagnostics

Services Guide

Learn more about LUX Diagnostics lab services and why companies around the United States are choosing LUX DX as their trusted lab partner.

LUX DX Services Guide


Don't listen to us, listen to our clients.

LUX Diagnostics has been an invaluable partner in our success as a COVID-19 testing center. The speed of results and software innovation has made our patients so much happier!

COVID-19 Testing Client

We found LUX Diagnostics in the middle of the pandemic. Their partnership has made it possible to keep our residents and staff safe during a difficult time. Their speed of results even during the surges was what impressed us the most.

Nursing Home Client

As events started to come back, we need a trustworthy lab partner that could get results back quickly. LUX Diagnostics has been critical to our success as we opened back up.

Sports Arena Client
Lab Testing Anytime, Anywhere

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