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Toxicology screens are tests used to determine the number of drugs (legal or illegal) within the human body. There are various reasons why you might want to get this test. The reasons includes some of the following:

  • Drug abuse
  • Monitoring a substance abuse problem
  • Evaluating overdose or intoxication instances

Statistics reveal that drug overdose deaths in the US since 2000 have reached nearly one million. It is why professional services like urine toxicology lab tests are so prevalent. The best part about these tests is their ease of testing. You can quickly test someone for drug use using urine or a blood sample.

You can find one or multiple drugs through these tests, thus providing all the required information. A toxicology screen lab test may not clearly show the number of drugs within the body. Therefore, further testing is necessary to confirm the results. The majority of the testing methods used include a sample of urine to test to check for drugs. It can also include samples for:

  • Hair
  • Blood
  • Saliva

What Are the Different Types of Toxicology Screens?

Because of different reasons for toxicity testing, there are different screenings. There are four drug testing options based on WHY a person needs a toxicity test.

  1. Medical Testing
  2. Forensic Analysis
  3. Employment Drug Testing
  4. Athletics Testing

1.      Medical Testing

Medical testing toxicology lab tests are the most common ones used to determine drug abuse. It can test an individual regardless of their gender and provide results shortly. These results show the drug presence but may not be able to indicate the drug composition percentage.

2.      Forensic Analysis

Forensic analyses are standard for crime scenes and cases of drug overdose. Law enforcement agencies require substantial proof of overdosing to avoid foul play. It is why toxicology lab testing is pretty standard with police departments and private investigators. In addition, strict ‘chain of command’ is crucial to confirm the test is never manipulated. 

3.      Employment Drug Testing

Employee drug use can be a severe problem and lead to several questions on reliability and performance in the work place. Reputable companies and organizations require individuals to present their employment drug tests via a toxicology testing lab for the best result.

4.      Athletics Testing

The use of drugs, steroids, and other compounds is strictly forbidden and leads to disqualification. Therefore, the sports event organizers may demand toxicology lab tests from their players before letting them participate.

Are All Toxicology Tests The Same?

The basic tests for toxicology are more or less the same. For instance, if you go to a testing lab and ask them for a toxicology urine drug test, they will quickly give you one. However, the results of these tests may not always be the same. There’s a margin error, which can sometimes lead to false results. Therefore, clients must choose toxicology testing labs carefully.

For instance, our Professionals at LUX Diagnostics have an outstanding industry reputation for their services. We have worked in the industry for many years and have precise equipment designed to make toxicology tests precise.

Toxicology Testing at LUX Diagnostics: Accurate Drug Detection and Monitoring

Toxicology testing provides the option to identify the substances present in a patient’s system. This testing varies from the general pre-employment screenings to other pain management and administration: toxicology screening, urine tests, and toxicology tests.  

Our experts have worked in the industry for many years and understand how crucial toxicology testing is. You can easily find multiple professionals that offer the same toxicology testing services, but we have offerings that stand out.

1.      Specimen Validity Testing

We can validate scenarios of adulteration, substitution, or dilution with specimen validity testing. It helps determine concentration changes in the drug use done in any way. LUX Diagnostics provides the quickest testing results so that you can derive the required results from them easily.

2.      Quantitative Confirmation Testing

General drug tests may indicate the number and type of drugs within a body. However, toxicology screening doesn’t always show the exact composition of drugs. This is where quantitative confirmation testing assists with the results. We can share a comprehensive report explaining the percentage of drugs within your blood or urine tests.

3.      Detailed Reporting

Deriving results from lab reports may be particularly challenging for our clients. LUX Diagnostics experts believe in client facilitation. Therefore, we provide comprehensive reports that provide you with deeper testing insight.

4.      Clear and Secure Collection

Urine toxicology tests can feel a bit embarrassing because of unprofessional testing behavior. Our experts have a clear and secure collection method designed to reduce the chances of human error in any way. You can trust our professionals with our collection methodology—you will not regret it.

What Else Does our Toxicology Test Screen for?

Toxicology tests are one of the most popular services we are currently offering:

Custom Toxicology Screening

You can choose specific drugs and metabolites for which our professionals need to test. This way, customers can pay only for what they get tested. It also makes your reports precise and shorter.

Standard Toxicology Screening

We give our customers the freedom to choose the panel that works best for their needs. We can offer urine toxicology testing for pre-employment and DOT screenings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all toxicology drug screen tests the same?

The test method remains the same, but the labs you choose may impact the precision of the results.

What are the four main types of drug screenings?

  1. Medical Testing
  2. Forensic Analysis
  3. Employment Drug Testing
  4. Athletics Testing

How long do test screen results take?

The test screening results may vary based on the type of test you choose and your testing lab. However, 2 weeks is the standard time for most tests.

What is the lab for toxicology?

The lab is a place where you can get a urine toxicology test, drug tests, and other screenings.

What is our Testing process?

  1. Sample sharing to LUX Diagnostics
  2. Sample processing via innovative methods and technology
  3. Sample collection
  4. Lab results and reports received
  5. Valuable decision-making based on report results

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