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Monkeypox Lab Testing

FDA-Cleared Monkeypox Molecular Testing Laboratory

The Diagnostic Results Needed for Fast and Effective Healthcare Solutions

Diagnostic testing for the orthopoxvirus, including the Monkeypox viral infection, empowers clinicians with results. LUX Diagnostics offers DNA assay testing developed by the CDC and cleared by the FDA to effectively identify the disease by searching for the virus DNA.

We provide trusted data from our state-of-the-art laboratory to allow medical providers to make informed decisions and treatment plans. Our testing capacity, innovative equipment, software integration, and speed gives healthcare providers and patients reliable results.


Monkeypox Result Categories

The results from the sample will report as detected, not detected, equivocal or inconclusive.


The test indicated the presence of a non-variola orthopoxvirus.

Not Detected

The test did not detect the orthopoxvirus, which indicates a negative result for Monkeypox.


The sample does not produce a definitive result because the level of the virus is too close to the detection limit. The CDC recommends collecting a new sample to test.
To achieve accurate results, follow the sample collection and transportation guidelines.

The Monkeypox Testing Process

Simple and proven testing to improve healthcare outcomes through effective diagnostics.
The healthcare provider collects a sample by swabbing or brushing one of the patient’s lesions using a sterile swab.
Insert the swab into the approved tube and securely close the sample. Accurately label the sample for transport to the laboratory.
The healthcare provider sends the secure sample to LUX Diagnostics.
LUX Diagnostics processes the sample using innovative PCR testing technology.
The healthcare provider can access the patient’s results via the LUX LIMS portal.

We uphold the highest standards for secure and valid testing to produce accurate results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is PCR Testing for the Monkeypox Virus?

As new viruses emerge, PCR testing provides fast and accurate diagnostics. PCR stands for a polymerase chain reaction and is the gold-standard method for detecting the Monkeypox virus from lesion swabs. This type of molecular testing examines the DNA to determine if the virus is present in the patient. PCR tests can help prevent the spread of disease through early and precise diagnostics.

How are Results Reported for the PCR Monkeypox Test?

The laboratory tests the sample for the presence of DNA from non-variola orthopoxvirus species. Monkeypox is one type of orthopoxvirus. Currently, no other viruses in the species raise an issue for public health; therefore, the CDC deems any positive result as Monkeypox.

When to Order Monkeypox Testing?

The CDC only recommends testing for patients with a rash or lesions consistent with the Monkeypox virus. The most conclusive results come from samples taken from lesions. The virus only lives in the blood for a short period; therefore, blood tests do not offer conclusive results.

 The other symptoms of the virus, such as chills, fever, headache, and swollen lymph nodes, mimic symptoms of other common illnesses. Consider conducting additional diagnostic testing to rule out other viruses, like COVID-19.

How Long Does It Take to Receive the Monkeypox Test Results?

The PCR test results take approximately three days to process and report. 

 While waiting for the results, follow the CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of infection.

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