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Nail Fungal Panel

Nail Fungal Panel

Nail Fungal Pathogens – Accurate Detection

LUX Diagnostics offers a comprehensive nail fungal panel using molecular techniques to detect the most common fungal targets infecting nail and soft skin.

Onychomycosis is the most common fungal infection of the nails. It causes about half of all nail deformities in adults. To accurately treat nail fungi and address the underlying condition, healthcare providers require specific detection of pathogens. Severe nail fungus may cause permanent injury to your nails or lead to more severe infections that spread beyond the foot if left untreated. For patients with suppressed immunity due to medication, diabetes, or another condition, the risks of complications increase.

LUX Diagnostics prioritizes accurate and quick results for our healthcare partners. We use our extensive testing capacity, state-of-the-art equipment, and client software integrations to advance the effectiveness of diagnostic data.

Nail Fungal Symptoms

Fungal infections start with the presence of fungus in the nail. It develops most often in older adults due to dry and cracked nails, making it easier for the fungus to lead to an infection. Other factors like a weak immune system, poor blood flow, and even athlete’s foot can lead to nail fungal infections.


Identifying Nail Fungal Infections

  • Discolored nails, including yellow, brown, or white
  • Thick nails
  • Fragile or cracked nails
  • Distorted shape of the nails
  • Foul smell

LUX Diagnostics Nail Fungal Panel

Identifying the correct pathology of a nail deformity matters when developing the right treatment plan. Conditions such as psoriasis and malignancy can mimic the appearance of a fungal infection. Quick and accurate diagnostic data empower healthcare providers to address the issue efficiently and effectively.

We may use a nail clipping or swab of the infected area to test for nail fungal infections. We use molecular techniques, which offer significant improvements compared to results from a culture.


LUX Diagnostics Data Solutions

LUX Diagnostics delivers the data healthcare providers need to identify and treat nail fungal
infections. We offer access to our experienced scientific staff to explain the testing process and results.
  • Quick and consistent turnaround times
  • Detailed pathogens panel
  • Unmatched accuracy of PCR
  • Simple collection process
LUX Diagnostics partners with leading medical professionals for innovative healthcare solutions, like timely, accurate, and detailed diagnostic results. We help patients and providers gain confidence in the treatment protocol on the path to healing.
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