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RPP Testing

Respiratory Pathogen Panels

Comprehensive Detection

LUX Diagnostics specializes in comprehensive respiratory pathogen detection using molecular genetic testing.

Not all patients with symptoms suggestive of a respiratory infection require a Respiratory Pathogen Panel (RPP). Hospitalized patients or those with multiple infections or complications require an RPP for effective diagnosis.

LUX Diagnostics delivers accurate test results to help medical providers make informed treatment decisions. Our combination of testing capacity, state-of-the-art equipment, software integration, and speed increase effectiveness for healthcare providers.


Next day turnaround so you can treat your patients in a timely fashion and provide peace of mind.

The RPP-LITE panel offered at LUX Diagnostics tests for Flu (A/B), RSV, and COVID-19 in one simple test. RPP-LITE is performed by a nasopharyngeal swab and makes it easy for you practice to determine what is ailing your patient.

Respiratory Pathogen Panels RPP Testing

When to Screen for Respiratory Pathogens

Typically, providers do not use testing for low-risk patients because many respiratory issues resolve quickly without medical intervention. Yet, testing for respiratory pathogens benefits higher-risk patients, like those with a severe illness or increased risk of complications.

An RPP helps providers select the best form of treatment and avoid ineffective treatments, like prescribing an antibiotic for a virus. In that case, an antiviral medication may limit the length or severity of the illness. Proper treatment for respiratory infections improves outcomes.

Respiratory Symptoms and Illnesses

Patients of all ages experience respiratory infections. The symptoms of several different infections can present similarly. When an illness becomes more serious, medical providers need accurate information to treat the condition's root cause.
  • Common cold
  • Acute bronchitis 
  • Acute pharyngitis
  • Acute tonsillitis 
  • Pneumonia
  • Viral infection 
  • Cough and fever
  • Wheezing
  • Other nasal and sinus diseases

LUX Diagnostics Respiratory Pathogen Panel

Respiratory pathogen panels detect RNA or DNA of certain viruses and bacteria. These tests can help determine if there is a co-infection or if a virus or bacterium is resistant to treatment. There are many different tests available to detect the presence of viruses or bacteria in your body. Some tests detect a specific virus or bacterium, while others detect any of several viruses or bacteria.

Respiratory infections can be difficult to diagnose without proper testing. Providers need data produced with accurate testing to deliver effective results. Testing empowers health care professionals to narrow symptoms for a more precise diagnosis.

LUX Diagnostics Trusted Lab Testing Provider

LUX Diagnostics provides accurate and efficient diagnostic services to help you build trust with patients and medical partners. We offer direct access to our experienced scientists to deliver a deeper understanding of test results.
  • Quick and consistent turnaround times
  • Test for multiple pathogens
  • Accurate identification of PCR
  • Easy sample collection methods

Lux Diagnostics builds confidence. Patients receive timely and actionable information about their health status, while physicians gain confidence in delivering accurate diagnosis and treatment plans.

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