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Toxicology Testing

Accurate Drug Detection and Monitoring

Toxicology testing offers vital information to identify what drugs are in a patient's system. The purpose of toxicology testing varies from routine pre-employment screenings to administering proper dosage for pain management.

Reliable Testing Solutions

LUX Diagnostics produces fast testing results with accuracy so you can make confident decisions. We offer custom and standard testing solutions to meet your needs.

● Clear and Secure Collection
● Quantitative Confirmation Testing
● Specimen Validity Testing
● Detailed Reporting

Custom Toxicology Screening

Custom toxicology panels allow clinicians to pick which specific drugs and metabolites the test identifies. Custom screenings work well for pain management clinics, behavioral health clinics, and substance abuse treatment.

Standard Toxicology Screening

Standard toxicology testing takes the work out of the process. You choose which panel works best to meet your needs. Standard screenings work well for pre-employment and DOT screenings.

The Toxicology Testing Process

Drug screening informs decision-makers with reliable and trusted data.
The clinician collects a urine sample from the patient.
The clinician sends the secure sample to LUX Diagnostics.
LUX Diagnostics processes the sample using innovative methods and technology.
The clinician receives the test results with a detailed report.
The clinician uses the information for valuable decision-making.

We uphold the highest standards for secure and valid testing to produce accurate results.

Laboratory Toxicology Services

Toxicology testing provides valuable data to make decisions for clinicians and others. We work with a variety of clients to offer reliable toxicology screening.

Pain Management

Toxicology testing for pain management empowers clinicians with medication monitoring to ensure compliance with treatment plans. LUX Diagnostics’s panels use innovative technologies to reduce ambiguous results and minimize follow-up testing.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Toxicology testing supports effective substance abuse treatment for in-patient and out-patient care. The test screens for recreational and prescription drugs to ensure compliance with the program's standards.

Behavioral Health Treatment

Clinicians working with patients on behavioral health issues benefit from toxicology screenings by monitoring whether their patients are taking their medication consistently. The data allows clinicians to understand the effectiveness of treatment and adjust the treatment plan when needed.

Pre-Employment and Employment Screening

Employers use toxicology screenings to make business decisions and limit risks. Pre-employment screenings test for drug use before hiring an individual. Employment screenings may occur after an accident, periodically as part of the policy, or for another reason to support a safe and consistent work environment.

Other Toxicology Testing

We support various industries, government agencies, and healthcare providers with advanced toxicology screening. We work with you to match the testing protocol to your specific needs, whether using custom or standard panels.

Toxicology FAQs

How Long Do Drugs Stay in a Person's System?

The timeframe to detect drug use varies based on the type of drug and other factors. For many substances, detection is only possible for recent or chronic use.

● A drug’s half-life or how the person’s system processes the drug
● Level of hydration
● Frequency of drug use
● Method of drug administration
● Cut-off concentration

Drugs typically stay in a person’s system between two days and four weeks, depending on the specific drug.

Does Toxicology Testing Produce False Positives?

The advanced technology used by LUX Diagnostics delivers 99% accuracy. Confirmatory testing using LC-MS testing makes the possibility of a false positive almost zero. We offer reliable and accurate results that clinicians and companies can stand by.

What Substances Can Produce False Positives?

False positives can occur due to certain substances that share similar chemical structures, such as poppy seeds or medications. However, these cases are extremely rare. For example, being in the room and inhaling second-hand marijuana smoke will not produce a false positive due to the cut-off concentration.
LUX Diagnostics offers reliable testing and results backed by our advanced technology, equipment, and methods.

What is a Cut-Off Concentration Level?

The cut-off level is the minimum amount required to detect a drug based on the test’s sensitivity. A cut-off level of 0.5 ng/mL (nanograms per milliliter) means that if someone tests above this level, they have had exposure to at least 50 times more than the average amount.
The cut-off level aids in the reliability of the testing methodology.

How Does Toxicology Test Collection Work?

At LUX Diagnostics, our sophisticated and sensitive equipment and technology screen, confirm, and quantitate specific drugs found in urine at a 99.9% sensitivity rate. Typically, urine is the most common sample type used for drug testing.

What Lab Testing Methods are Used?

LUX Diagnostics uses both immunoassay and LC-MS testing to achieve a high level of sensitivity and specificity. The process reduces the chance for errors, including false positives and false negatives.

Empowered and Precise Healthcare

LUX Diagnostics supports clinicians, businesses, and government agencies with toxicology testing to produce accurate results. Our lab processes the tests quickly, securely, and accurately. As a top laboratory in the Southeast, we have the capacity, equipment, and software integration to provide excellent service, clear communication, and reliable data.
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